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Help! I need somebody!

Angel Cerviel encourages you to be the best and the bravest in everything you do. When you become afraid and worried that you will not be able to do something well, reach out to Cerviel to give you great courage and strength. She believes in you even when you do not; and she is always there as your personal cheering squad saying, "You can do it! You can do it!"

There are times in your life where situations might make you feel fearful or filled with anxiety. There is an old saying that "if God can bring you to it, He will get you through it." Angel Cerviel knows all too well that mortals can quickly be run over with negative emotions that can hinder happiness and success. When you are faced with such situations, you must only call her name and she will be the helping hand that lifts you up. She helps you make the transition from being timid to becoming strong and brave. When you feel bold and powerful, there is no adversity, no danger, no problem, pain or misfortune that can deter you from overcoming it.

Remember in life, hurdles are guaranteed that will be both challenging and opportune. Your perception and how you tackle these situations will be the determining factors as to whether or not you rise above them. Cerviel serves to be that special guide who will enable you with the right perception and the right insight to face them head on.

Now... Are you going through a tough time? Do you feel like you just cannot make it another day? Does it seem like the world is against you? Is someone or something making you feel afraid? Do you feel like others are keeping you from success? Do you have a health condition that is making you feel anxious, sick and tired? Right now, I want you to call upon Angel Cerviel and ask her to be your personal support system. She will not hesitate to stand beside you and even carry you through some of life's toughest storms. She is aided with the strength of God and will fortify you with courage and power to make it through whatever you are facing.

Blessings to you on your journey,

Joan Marie

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Angel Amitiel - The Peace in truth
By Joan Marie

About the Author: Joan Marie Ambrose and her daughter, Joan Marie Whelan have created this children's Company to further teach children and their caregiver's about changing the way they act and react with others in a positive and moral manner.

We have four small books that feature the messages from the angel realm, these stories inspire and encourage children to form good wholesome habits that everyone will benefit from. Our Lit'l Messengers, the Power Angels are the superhero's that teach and share the messages. Visit our Lit'l Messengers on this site and learn more about their purpose and function in the terrestrial realm. http://www.childlikecreations.com/clc_messengers.php