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Child Like Creations.com Privacy Practices Concerning Children

Child Like Creations mission is to encourage compassion, sharing and caring of children by children through the fostering of self- respect, love and friendship - something we refer to as "Noble Sense" values." Child Like Creations, LLC is a designer and distributor of character merchandise. Our retail philosophy is perhaps best described by our theme which states cooperation not competition, compassion not indifference and we firmly believe that our Company's values contribute to the well-being of individuals and families.

The purpose of our games and merchandise is to focus on entertainment, empowerment and education. CLC's mission is to develop these positive, safe and joyful merchandies that will encourage a peaceful, friendly and lasting experience in all situations. We showcase and present our powerful brand of Lit'l Messangers through out our merchandise. The Lit'l Messengers are angel-like characters that carry and display the afformentioned values.

About Child Like Creations.com
Child Like creations.com is the on-line destination where Child Like Creations collectors, fans and shoppers can learn about Child Like Creations characters, check out the latest CLC products and events, enjoy games, share artwork and send angel gram greetings. We respect the privacy of all guests at our site and understand our particular responsibilities for maintaining the privacy of our younger visitors. Thus, we strive to maintain a web site that requires collecting only a minimum amount of information from our guests.

Children's participation
Child Like Creations requests that children consult with their parents before sending materials to Childlikecreations.com. We encourage parents to monitor their children's online use, and to help us protect their privacy by instructing them never to provide their full name, address and other personal information without their parents' permission. Click here to read childlikecreations.com's Privacy Practices Concerning Children

What information do we collect?
In all cases except where clearly stated, information we collect is limited to non-personally identifiable information. If we do ask for personally identifiable information, we will always let our visitors and guests know the reason we are collecting this information and what we plan to do with it. For example, we may at a future date conduct an on-line contests in which adults and children participate. Prior to the contest being announced, we will update this privacy policy to explain what information will be collected and how we will communicate with the child's parent or guardian with regard to it. childlikecreationso.com may collect email addresses and other personally identifiable data about guests and visitors when such data is voluntarily submitted to childlikecreations.com - for example, when visitors send us email. CLC does not sell or otherwise disclose such information outside the company. We use such information to better understand visitors' use of childlikecreations.com and to support the transactions made on childlikecreations.com. We may provide this data, in aggregate form only, to other parties for marketing, advertising or other uses needed for our research and development. We generally use email addresses and other personally-identifiable information to contact the guests and visitors who communicate with us. For example, we reply to email questions from guests and visitors via email.

Credit card information will be shared with our credit card processing vendor, but only for the purpose of processing the credit card transaction.

Cookies are information files that your web browser will place on your computer when you visit web sites. Certain non-personal information is recorded by the standard operation of childlikecreations.com's internet servers - for example, the type of browser and operating system the visitor is using and the domain name of the visitor's internet service provider. We use such information primarily to provide an enhanced online experience for our visitors. We also use it to perform internal reviews of the number of visitors to the site, but only in an aggregate and non-personally identifiable form.

Childlikecreations.com takes appropriate precautions to ensure that any personally identifiable information we collect is secure, from electronic security systems and password protections to limiting the number of people who have physical access to the database servers

Questions, comments or concerns
If you have questions, comments or concerns about any of childlikecreations.com's privacy policies or practices, please contact us at the following email address: info@childlikecreations.com. As the on-line medium and the childlikecreations.com site change, so may this privacy policy. However, our basic goal of respecting and preserving our guest's privacy will not.

If you wish to update or change information we have received from you, please contact us at:
or mail us at:
Child Like Creations: P.O.BOX 3348, Sarasota, Florida 34230

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